The robotized solution for healthcare distribution


Through its unique high-performance software and technology, CAP DEPO becomes the most efficient distributor of healthcare products:

. One unit (box) can be sorted every 3 seconds (including separation, measure, weighing and ID scan processes)

. Robot moves boxes at the speed of 7m/s (and accelerates at 5 m/s²) to shelves or Automate slots

.  Automate ejects up to 300 boxes per second

. Stock is managed automatically (adds, expiry, thresholds, lot, First Expired First Out (FEFO), etc…)

. One parcel is prepared every 12 seconds

. 2000+ meters of robotized shelves

. 10,000+ meters of automated storage (15,000+ ejectors)

. A capacity of more than 50,000 unique references

Discover our added values :

puce plus The preparation of orders without human intervention

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Cost Effective and Highly Efficient Solution