The robotized solution for healthcare distribution



The flexibility provided by CAP DEPO logistics solution represents an extraordinary growth driving opportunity for your business.

It provides much needed transparency in all steps of the supply chain process, removes physical limitations and problems associated with

inventory growth and change, and through the reduction in labor expenses, guarantees a direct and

quantifiable profit in the management of the supply chain of your members:




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Increases the available cash of your members by diminishing the costs of stocks

puce grise Diminishes delivery costs by bulking orders from different laboratories.




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Provides your members with an extended catalogue of products.

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Provides greater ordering flexibility: no minimum quantity requirements and the option to fractionate orders into multiple deliveries depending on need.

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Takes advantage of a planning service and a customizable delivery system.



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Outsourced logistics and administrative functions

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Provides complete support of all supply chain tasks provided by a single service provider:


point_puce Stock Management (pallet to single carton)

point_puce Invoicing (collection, recovery)
point_puce Delivery

point_puce Dispute Resolution

point_puce Return Authorization and Receipt

point_puce Document Management

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Permanent management of your stock, guaranteed traceability of each box with 100% reliable storage and distribution.

point_puce Save some time by using an efficient supply chain without any additional cost.

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Take advantage of a permanent management and inventory of your stocks, guaranteeing a traceability for each box with our 100% automated storage and distribution system.