The robotized solution for healthcare distribution





puce_titre The preparation of orders without human intervention


puce No Human intervention is required to store product and prepare orders avoiding processing errors, delays, and product theft …

Order fulfilment performed 100% automatically to ensure:
puce Maximum executed speed 24h a day.

puce High reliability in order preparation and traceability.
puce FEFO

Minimal number of technicians required to maintain the automated complex. Tasks include:  
puce Adding inventory: Emptying cartons into the automated sorters.
puce Restocking consumables (paper, labels, cartons, tape, ink, etc.).
puce Loading parcels into the delivery vehicles.

Our customized and dedicated software sorts and prioritizes the tasks and transmits them to the operators according to the automated complex requirements (reloads, consumables, etc.)





puce_titre Quality and Traceability : « zero default » / « Unit management »


CAP DEPO provides the best in pharmaceutical delivery logistics to our customers:

puce Management and traceability box per box with multiple controls from the reception in CAP DEPO through to the delivery to the final receiver.
puce Customized storage management and preparation of orders adapted to your needs.

Interconnected web tools between CAP DEPO sites and its customers through customized and dedicated software which provides:
puce A real time view of your current stock levels, notice of stocks shortages, resupplying, order and delivery status
puce Personalized management of your inventory replenishment from CAP DEPO to your pharmacy automatically

puce A customizable management of your activity statistics.

Managed by a rigorous Quality Management System to guarantee permanent application of quality rules and standards (GDP, ISO 9001: 2008).



puce_titre Place order



Because CAP DEPO stocks products per unit with a permanent inventory, it can consolidate multiple pending orders for the same customer and fulfil orders of any quantity.


Orders may also be fractionated into multiple deliveries without a minimum quantity requirement completely driven by customer or salesman requirements. At a high level, depending on the requirement, the order can be prepared and shipped:
puce If the order is or is not complete;

puce If the order has or has not been consolidated

puce Are fractional orders

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 puce_titre Delivery within a chosen time on chosen days



Delivery to anywhere in the Country.

The receiver can request desired delivery days and the automatic preparation system will accept changes in the order up until 36 hours before the delivery date. Considering an almost immediate preparation time, the delivery time is closely equal to the transportation time. Bulk orders can be consolidated for the same delivery address in a chosen period, substantially diminishing the transportation costs. CAP DEPO guarantees on time order fulfilment. Orders are shipped by post directly to your door.

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