The robotized solution for healthcare distribution


CAP DEPO is a subsidiary company of the independent Group SAPF which offers to pharmacies, opticians, drugstores and other health companies a range of flexible solutions to improve their operations and finances regarding the supply chain.

Through its subsidiary Company MEKAPHARM, SAPF has equipped more than 1200 pharmacies with automatic systems that prepare and deliver over 270 million medicine boxes per year. The CAP DEPO vision was created as a result of those experiences.

The technological expertise in robotization and automated systems allows CAP DEPO to introduce a differentiating added value to product dispensing such as speed, preparation reliability, and security through a box per box tracking system.

CAP DEPO is defined by the legal status of C.P.O. (Central Purchasing Office) and Depository which permit a wide range of personalized solutions when associated with the right dedicated software. This modularity brings solutions to both strategic and executive objectives.



CAP DEPO simplifie la chaine de distribution du médicament

CAP DEPO simplifie la chaine de distribution du médicament





Dear customers,

The economic context has become increasingly difficult for the medicine distribution branch. Added costs to improve the traceability and security around logistics has required us to rethink the supply chain business model and take a bold new approach to product management and delivery.

Twenty-one years of experience in medicine dispensing automation through MEKAPHARM has given us the vision to lead in a new approach in global and flexible logistics solutions−from stock management to delivery and everything in between.

Our goal was to refocus the activity around the main services of proximity logistics without additional cost and without minimal quantity requirements to service providers, pharmacies, groups and laboratories.

The efficiency of the distribution model provides three important benefits: it provides a logistics solution that operates at standards superior to current GDP; it provides complete transparency to and prediction of transaction costs, which provides much needed control over budgetary expenditures; and it enables the pharmacy to meet fluctuating customer demand regardless of when the demand occurs, 24 hours a day.

We must continue to challenge our business approach to customer service and keep an open mind to ensure we are driving economy into our business transactions. I am convinced that our approach is the right solution to efficiently and cost-effectively delivery products to you and your customer.

Sandra POUX